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Author Mark Ellis says: “Cryptozoica is my take on the classic Lost World theme, with strong scientific underpinnings. Shortly after visiting a dinosaur exhibition at the Museum of Natural History in NYC, I asked myself : ‘What if an honest-to-God lost world, a real-life version of Skull Island was actually discovered—not 100 years or 70 years ago, but right now? What effect would such a discovery have on the world’s scientific disciplines and religious beliefs?’

Aside from the scientific theory and philosophy, Cryptozoica is a stage for all the trademarks that have made Outlanders so popular for so many years–blazing action, adventure in exotic climes, secret societies, suspense, beautiful heroines, femme fatales, colorful heroes, ruthless villains, and some reallybad-ass dinosaurs.”

Release Date: June, 2010
Format: Square-bound trade paperback, 445 pages.
Dimensions: 6″ X 9″
Price: $24.95

Published by: Millennial Concepts

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